General election is a political contestation in order to elect people to occupy national leadership positions in the government. This is a national ritual carried out routinely for the sake of Indonesian sustainable democracy. It aims at achieving victory and power. For sure, there will be varying dynamics happen greatly. Sometimes, there is violence against political opponents both verbally and non-verbally, including the dissemination of negative issues and black campaign in order to bring down the opponents. One example of these kind of electoral violation is hoax, it is a phenomenon of dissemination of lies and non-existence issues. It has, and it will happen massively in the midst of a political frenzy ahead of the upcoming Presidential Election and Legislative Candidates in 2019. Public generally tend to be easily influenced by sensitive issues which are played by irresponsible people. Moreover, their mindsets are so vulnerable since they are lazy to cultivate reading habits. It certainly makes the hoax phenomenon spread even more without difficulty.

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