Original Article: Gerakan Literasi Padi By: Saiful Akmal.

Many people believe that literacy is the key to the rebirth of a civilization. The command to be able to read and write is the earliest cycle of a culture. It is also an absolute prerequisite in education and the formation of personality. That’s why reading and writing are elementary components in the formation of progressive individuals. This group of literate personalities will eventually turn into a group of people who are capable to produce meaningful progress for their glory and existence in the world, wherever they might be. This generation then will bring enlightenment to their community. They will establish a more focused and useful activity, the culture will be one of the leading and primary references and their civilization will become a symbol of progress and excellence. They have to move forward to seek for spaces to express their feeling, like the water streaming to the lower place, they can keep sharing, until they end up stopping. Water that does not stream, does not flow, will only bring disease to the civilization.

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