“In our belief, death is not the end of everything. Death is a foundation for greeting, bast and sekhmet which will guide you towards a green field where you can run (play) forever “- Black Panther

At the beginning of 2019, it seems like it is not too late to revisit some events which happened some years ago. In October 2017 and February 2018, Marvel successively offers two charms of Thor Ragnarok and Black Panther for world action movie lovers. As we all known, between those two movies, the Black Panther is more popular than Thor Ragnarok. The movie is directed by Ryan Coogler. It has gained more than twenty nominations. Two of them are obtained from the 76th Golden Globe Awards for the best drama movie and the best original song nominations. Moreover, according to some sources, the movie which consists of Black Actors also outperforms The Guardian of Galaxy 2 and the Avengers Infinity War (both released on April 2018), which the latter is believed to be the main movie for the series of Avengers that have been released before.

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The Ordinance of Government (Al-Ahkam al –Sultaniyah w’al Wilayat al-Diniyya)
Garnet Publishing, United Kingdom


Talking about the performance of government and the apparatus involved in the public services, it cannot be separated from the concepts and principles of governance, rules and regulations that exist in the implementation of governance (good governance). If the term good governance which was promoted by IMF (International Monetary Fund), World Bank, or UN (United Nations) agencies such as UNDP (United Nations for Development Project) in the late 1990s was a term now widely known in various countries, notably to countries that are not yet developing or have been developing in the ‘third world’ such as Asia, Africa and South America (Hout, 2007) and are solely related to aid politics 1)Hout, Wil. (2007). The Politics of Aid Selectivity: Good governance criteria, in World Bank, US and Dutch development assistance, USA-Canada: Routledge. to these countries then the governance and principles of government rule had been firstly applied by Islamic civilization.

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1. Hout, Wil. (2007). The Politics of Aid Selectivity: Good governance criteria, in World Bank, US and Dutch development assistance, USA-Canada: Routledge.
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Original Article: Menemukan Inspirasi Islam Indonesia. By: Alkaf

Some of Muslim countries in the early twentieth century tried to bridge dialogue between Islam and modernity. Some were success and others were failed. For example, Pakistan was a failed country. The country, once regarded as the first Muslim country to name itself as the ‘Republic of Islam’, was unable to move further to manifest itself as a modern Muslim country. Even a man like Fazlur Rahman who was supposed to be a drafter of a modern Pakistan must be banished from the country, due to the increasingly polarized conservative faction there. After Pakistan, there is almost no other Muslim country continue to negotiate between Muslim and modernity, until the birth of the Islamic revolution in Iran.

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Original article: DIMANA DESAIN SEMUA INI? By: Muhammad Mirza Ardi

Every nation has its own story that cannot be imitated by other nations. Perhaps this is the reason why no nation has the same history. “Where else can French-style politics be found except in France?” Asked Clifford Geertz. Only in France can we find a story about the collapsed Bastille prison, the Voltaire’s satire, and the Guillotine knife that killed King Louis and the consort Marie Antoniette. Meanwhile, only in the American Revolution can we find a story about The Boston Tea Party, where the inhabitants of the colony disguising as Indian tribes threw a load of tea from the British ship to the seabed. It is only in America that the state ideas of James Madison, John Jay, or Alexander Hamilton can be found in The Federalist Paper. Neither in France nor in Indonesia. Similarly, only in Indonesia can we find the concept of Pancasila, no where else.

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