Original Article: Politik Komen, Like Dan Share By: Zuhra Sofyan

If social media such as Facebook and Twitter were not as popular as it is now, would Trump or Jokowi win the election in their countries?

Of course whatever the answer to this question, whether yes or no, is debatable. However, it is hard to deny that social media has transformed the way we receive information and in a very special sphere, it can affect the political choices of its users.

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Original article: DIMANA DESAIN SEMUA INI? By: Muhammad Mirza Ardi

Every nation has its own story that cannot be imitated by other nations. Perhaps this is the reason why no nation has the same history. “Where else can French-style politics be found except in France?” Asked Clifford Geertz. Only in France can we find a story about the collapsed Bastille prison, the Voltaire’s satire, and the Guillotine knife that killed King Louis and the consort Marie Antoniette. Meanwhile, only in the American Revolution can we find a story about The Boston Tea Party, where the inhabitants of the colony disguising as Indian tribes threw a load of tea from the British ship to the seabed. It is only in America that the state ideas of James Madison, John Jay, or Alexander Hamilton can be found in The Federalist Paper. Neither in France nor in Indonesia. Similarly, only in Indonesia can we find the concept of Pancasila, no where else.

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