Original Article: Menemukan Inspirasi Islam Indonesia. By: Alkaf

Some of Muslim countries in the early twentieth century tried to bridge dialogue between Islam and modernity. Some were success and others were failed. For example, Pakistan was a failed country. The country, once regarded as the first Muslim country to name itself as the ‘Republic of Islam’, was unable to move further to manifest itself as a modern Muslim country. Even a man like Fazlur Rahman who was supposed to be a drafter of a modern Pakistan must be banished from the country, due to the increasingly polarized conservative faction there. After Pakistan, there is almost no other Muslim country continue to negotiate between Muslim and modernity, until the birth of the Islamic revolution in Iran.

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Original article: KEPADA SUKARNO-HATTA by: Alkaf Muchtar

Let us notice the last sentence in the Indonesian Proclamation of Independence:

“… On behalf of the Indonesian nation, Sukarno-Hatta.” It seems like there was no harmony lies in this sentence. But, really, that’s where the story about the ups and downs of Indonesia began.

Indonesian independence was organized and built through these two names. There was no harmony in both names, as it appeared in the text of the above proclamation, especially on ideas, yet from these two names comes up an amazing idea. There were many differences between them. But there are many similarities, too

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